Action Sports

To convey the intensity of the participant in scale with the activity is the biggest challenge. A photographic narrative is dependant on keeping the subject as the focus of the image no matter how small in the total scale of the activity. Keeping their personality at the forefront of the image is paramount.

Images for resort promotion, events, real estate marketing as well as media assignments are fulfilled on a project schedule to meet your photographic needs.

Cycling is one of the most grueling sports to participate in and portraying the effort and the grace of the cyclist is a creative challenge. The "Peloton" presents layer upon layer of color, motion, pain, strategy and chaos unparalleled in sports. Colorado is the hub of pro cycling in the United States with many of the best riders training here and many premier events being staged here. Events coverage, individual promotional packages and media coverage are available for most cycling venues in the Mountain West.

Photography by John Waugh, Photographic Images of your team and individual sporting events will provide lasting images to meet your marketing, participant and memorabilia requirements.

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